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{26 January} Republic Day Speech In Hindi, English For Teachers, Students

26 January - Republic Day Speech In Hindi, English For Teachers, Students - Republic Day, The day when we all get together to celebrate this mega celebration of India and 26 January marks the date of celebration.

26 January is the important date for the India because this is the date when the purna swaraj on 26 January, 1930 has been started that's why when the Indian Constitution came into existence then the people decide to make the republic day on 26 January.

This is the best article on Internet which is providing you the best and latest speech on 26 January, Means - Republic Day Speech In Hindi

Also Visit - Republic Day Speech In Hindi

Also Visit - 26 January Speech In Hindi

Republic Day Speech In Hindi, English
Good Morning, Every One, Today we gather here to celebrate the republic day, And I wish everyone a happy republic day,  
Every Year, we celebrate republic day on 26 January, Is anyone ever thought about that why we celebrate  republic day on 26 January, 
I know there wer…

15 August - Independence day speech In Kannada, Marathi & Gujarati, Bengali

15 August - Independence day speech In Kannada, Marathi & Gujarati, Bengali - Just Read Our Full Independence day speech then realize is our Speech On Independence Day In Kannada, Marathi and in Other Indian language is perfect. Of your found, our Independence day speech Useful In Gujarati and In Bengali then also suggest to other by just sharing with your teachers and with your friends too.

Before Throwing our Speech On Independence Day, Just Share our speech with your any Teachers, if they allow you then our speech is all yours.

15 August 2017 - Independence Day Speech In Kannada, Marathi

Comes 15 August and Every One Remember patriotic songs and speeches. Nothing wrong with it but my dear colleagues this is not a wedding saree and a festival dress so we should wear only on occasion. Come on Let's follow spirit and principle every day and in every way. We are comparatively a young nation. Just 71 Many develop nation is Independent for more than 200 years but still, we caught up with them in a relatively short span of time. Our Mobile User has created a revolution and a second only a China is about more than 800 million user. Implementation of a Unique identification number for about 1.2 billion people is not a joke. The whole world is watching with shocking that how India is going to implement such a scheme for a huge population. We must we utterly proud that has been endured successfully. 

My Dear Friends our fight for freedom was an uphill task. It was a way very expensive and many people just sacrifice their life we cannot afford to lose it 

We Need Freedom of expression, freedom from child labor, Financially Independence, We also need freedom for anti social activities, Illiteracy and last but not the least  Corruption.

Our Media and Press Certainly Just enjoy the freedom of expression and we have almost come out of bonded labor nut if we see carefully around, we still see child labor. It is still a painful area and why child labor due to financial dependence. 

A Large part of our society is still not financially development. Especially it is very important for Women they sacrifice for their family. Do not forget today's girl, Tomorrow's women by appeal to all my fellow sister, let us take a pledge that we all will be financially Independent and we productive towards a nation.

Our Country Need us the most. Together we conquer the evil, Together we can fight against corruption, Together we can build our nation, Together we can make a difference. 

Jai Hind

Independence day speech In Marathi & Kannada - 15 August Speech

Get Here the best and latest 15 August speech In Marathi and 15 August speech In Kannada and now here read the most motivational 15 August speech In Marathi and Kannada

15 August speech In Marathi

15 August Speech In Kannada

Independence day speech In Gujarati & Bengali

Here get the most amazing Independence Day Speech In Gujarati & Bengali. Our 15 August speech In Gujarat and Bengali are so motivational and Inspirational. we will suggest you to read our full 15 August speech In Gujarati and Bengali.

15 August Speech In Gujarati

15 August Speech In Bengali

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