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Independence day 2018 speech For Students - 15 august speech On Teachers & Children In Hindi - English

Independence Day  Speech  For Students & Teacher - 15 August is the day of India is a commom day for other nation, but this is the most valuable day for India nation in history of India. on 15 August 1947 world saw a new country "India" as an Independent country.

One day i was thinking of the bomb blast which happend to my country. who was responsible of this bloodshed in the country? who was responsible for the daily target killing? who is responsible for all this? These question were killing me from inside. I could no longer bear the pain. I started crying, crying for my dear land, Land Of India!

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I remembered that on the  this previos Independence day, I was one of the city in India and i will not tell you the name of that city only want to say that was going somewhere with my family and looking out of the window of our car I began searching for India flag but to no avail. I couldn't find even a single flag of India. All the poles had flag on them but none of them was our national flag. THey were all the flags of different parties of the country. My heart cried!

Do you know, how this country came into being after a million of sacrifice! I don't know what has gone wrong with us. why have we forgetten our true identity? why do we try to live a life like that of the foreigner, people of the west? I just can't uderstand!

Today, people in India are proud to call themselves Punjabis, bengali, gujarati, marathi etc but when it cames to being a Inidan, we feel ashamed. Yes, I have found many people who feel ashamed of calling themselves Indian.

Why don't we people realize that we are all part of a family, a family of India? we are all sisters and brother and we need to support each other in every aspect of life instead of fighning with our own brothers. why is this so?

This country is like a bunch of different flower that have different colour and smell. But they are tight together to give a more pleasent smell and a combination of colours. Yes this country is like a lovely bunch of flowers. It has a different civilization, different languages and different cultures but we all are Indians. 

We all together make a country that is India. 

Today, we call ourselves "Independent". Are we really independent or are we just fooling ourselves? All the things we do are according to the west, so why do we call ourselves Indian? I Just don't know!

Well, Whatever may happen, Where ever i may go, I Just want to say that "I am proud to be an Indian"! I will try my best to save my country from all evils and will always be ready to give my life for it. My India!

Being an Indian we must celebrate 15th August by any means.

Happy Independence day to the whole nation!

Independence day speech for students, Tecahers  in Hindi & English

Hope you all will celebrate this Independence day in epic and will show to the world that you are proud to be an Indian and now read the Independence day speech for students & Teachers

Independence Day speech for Students & Teachers In Hindi

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