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Independence day 2017 speech For Students - 15 august speech On Teachers & Children In Hindi - English

Independence day 2017 speech For Students - 15 august speech On Teachers & Children In Hindi - English - A very hearty good morning to one and all present here.Today is the very important day for our nation,our country India.Today 15th August 2017, we are celebrating our 71th year of independence .On 15th aug 1947, India got freedom from the British rule.I congratulate you all on this auspicious and pious occasion.Freedom in itself holds a very huge meaning.Freedom just not relates to getting free but it also means getting free from all the foundation and brutal behaviour of the Britishers and getting all the fundamental rights which every citizen of the country deserves because freedom is life.life is meaningless without freedom.

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India is a very big country with lot of diversities.Here people from all the communities are happily born and brought together and this day is celebrated by every indian citizen irrespe…

15 August -Independence Day 2017 Speech In Hindi For Teachers, Students

15 August -Independence Day 2017 Speech In Hindi For Teachers, Students -  First of all wish you all the 71st Independence day. And this website is only made to provide the best Independence day speech and related topic about India Independence day. Her you will get the best result for 15 August speech In  Hindi for Teachers, Student, Children and also to all the people who will do speech on this Independence day.

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So this is the only sites to all the people, who want the best and Unique Independence Speech. this time we try to cover the topic related to recent politics In India. And In every speech there will be conclusion who will win the heart of every people and made patriotic feeling among all the people.

Independence day In Indian is celebrated every Year on 15 august and This time this is an 71th Year of Independence. 15 August is the most special occasion day In India because on this day India get the Independence from the British rule. Indian have very complicated history. First Mughal rule India for over 500 Years and then In the late 18th century British started to rule India and In 1947, India get the Independence from the British rule.

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Independence day 2017 Speech In Hindi For Teachers, Students & Kids - 15 August Speech

Marvelous Independence day Speech by Ram Agarwal, Director, DPS, Roorkee

Independence Day Speech For Teachers, Students In Hindi

First of all, welcome to the Honorable chief guest and our principle sir and want to wish every one for the 71st Independence day. We all gathered here to celebrated this most special occasion of our Independence day. Do everyone know that why we celebrate this day with so much enthusiasm ?.
On 15 August 1947, we get free from the British rule. If we compare our today life style with the before 71 year then we were not living so freely as like today. we have to face many trouble at the time of British rule. As today we are living so independent because of our freedom fighter as like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and Many more.

Today we have to remember to our all the freedom fighter who sacrifice their life just for the sake of our Independence. So we can live so freely and do whatever we want to do. 

Our India didn't get Independence because of one people. so many lives had died for India Independence.

And some of them Are  - 

  • Dr. Maghfoor Ahmad
  • Hyder Ali
  • Lala Lajpat Rai
  • Chandra shekhar Azad
  • Bhagat singh
  • Mangal Pandey
  • Sukh dev
  • Raj Guru
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra bose
On This Year, We will celebrate 71st Year Of Independence day.  And we have to celebrate this most beautiful occasion with great enthusiasm and in epic.

Every Government building, National flag is hoisted and On Red fort, Our honorable Prime Minister hoisted the flag at 8 Am. And On All School and college there will be an cultural events. And Every college serve the desert to all the student and people and wish Happy Independence day. 

And on this day, we all have to take oath that we will help our country be free from corruption and will take participate in the clean India and Green India.

And In Last I want every one to keep silence for 2 minutes to our all the Legend Freedom Fighter.

Thank You

15 August 2017 Speech In Hindi For Teachers And Students

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